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Builder Services – Upgrade excels at all facets of grounds development. We create the entire look of the community from grading, retaining walls, and site prep to installing irrigation, flowerbeds, entranceways, and water features. Our services include:

  • ground clearing
  • large-scale development
  • hauling
  • hardscape
  • digging
  • masonry

Many of Atlanta’s top builders have learned they can rely on Upgrade to keep the schedule going—rain or shine. From the initial site preparation to digging basements and preparing foliage and ground cover right before closing, Upgrade is a complete landscaping solution for builders.

Installation – We offer full service installation of plants, foliage, sod, borders, and trees, for a complete landscape package.

Site Development – When it comes to large-scale site development, Upgrade Landscaping is truly head and shoulders above the rest. From ground clearing and hauling, to the details of masonry, retaining walls, basement digging, and amenities packages, we are a comprehensive team of workers, there from beginning to end.

With an extensive knowledge of county codes, and the ability to provide our own landscape installation, the final product is above and beyond the expectations. Our 20 years of experience in the Metro Atlanta area means unparalleled reliability, and no worries about delays in closings. We know our business.

Grading – No matter the challenge, be it mountainous or simply uneven, Upgrade Landscape is a specialist when it comes to grading. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we work to grade and perfect the land for development.

Hauling – Our own crew means there’s never a worry about the timing of hauling and building. We do the job, we clear it, we haul it away.

Hardscape – We specialize in hardscape projects, from traditional walls, and retaining walls to more complicated endeavors. We are NPDES for erosion control through State of Georgia, and certified NCMA for wall building.

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