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Front and Backyard Drainage and Irrigation Solutions

For more than two decades Upgrade Landscaping has designed and installed thousands of drain and drainage solutions for homes and businesses. Drainage is many times overlooked when installing landscaping and that is always a cause of structural damage and dangerous soil movements. Problems such as standing water, excessive dirt movement, foundation cracking, and water penetration all are caused by poor drainage.

Examples of the drainage we install are:

Trenched Down Spouts

This consists of connecting all your gutter downspouts to underground pipes diverting all water away from the foundation of the house.

Dry Creek Bed

The installation of a soil erosion solution. dry beds carry large quantities of runoff from driveways or other impervious surfaces.

Catch Basins

This installation is mostly to divert water from a large area into a large type hole that will hold, filtrate, and transport water to desire area.


Upgrade landscaping can design, install, and maintain your irrigation system. The precise calculation is needed to make sure that your landscape investment is protected, maintained, and enjoyable at all times.

Irrigation is an essential component in a flourishing, beautiful yard. Upgrade Landscaping can install French drains, solve erosion issues, and help you find the best way to water and maintain your yard.